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Welcome to Jaguar Amazon Tours, your opportunity to seeing all of the wonders which life in our precious Amazon has to offer! 

As a professional Amazon Tour Guide, I am here to show you the diverse delights of landscape, culture, and cuisine in and around the Amazon at Manaus, Brazil.


Take a moment to explore the various tour packages and feel free to get in touch, if you have any questions! :) 

About Me

Professional Tour Guide & Native Indian


I am a professional Jungle Tour Guide, originally born and raised within the Amazon forest. With my deep and profound knowledge of life in the jungle, I can help you make your Amazon trip a truly amazing experience. This will be not just any vacation for you, but a truly exceptional one filled with many inspiring and enriching experiences.


Come and share my knowledge and passion for nature, travel and tourism! Explore my site to find out more… !

Obey the Call of

the Wild... ! 

The jaguar was gifted its name due to its ability to kill within one leap. When surrounded by the wild, we must be aware and  open our minds to upcoming danger. Be fearless and faithful to ourselves. Being pure in the heart lessens our threat to nature. The animals respond to our actions, the plants follow our energy, nature has its own way of communicating with us...

We must accept whatever nature brings in return of our presence. Follow my footprint across the wild, conquer your fears and let me guide you towards a whole new life experience! 

Come see the Amazon and enjoy what life in the wild has to offer... !

Jaguar Amazon Tours Footprint for Jungle Survival Tour


Jaguar Amazon Tours Footprint for Day Trip
Jaguar Amazon Tours Footprint for Adventure Tour



Reviews & RecommenDATIONS

“I spent a couple of days in the jungle alone with Josuel and also stayed at his house in Manaus. He organized everything the day before the tour and asked me what I wanted to do to customise the program to my desires. The jungle tour was amazing and Josuel is very knowledgeable. But hanging out with Josuel was a great experience in itself as he's a smart and pleasant guy with an inspiring life story. If you're looking for a unique adventure outside the beaten path, this is the way to go. Can't recommend it enough!”

Mark Downey

18 April 2018

“Josuel is one of the most amazing and beautiful people I met in my journeys. I'm really glad to have met him. Josuel, you have a great life, a great story, and you are also a great man! You are a good listener and you are owner of the most enjoyable laugh I've ever heard. Your brothers and sisters are very good people, I miss you all and I really want to come back and be around with you guys again! I am really thankful to you for taking me to the hospital when I was sick. I am going to keep you and your family in my memory forever.”

Luis Furtunato

21 April 2017

“Great family, very good and welcoming people! I took a 5 days tour in the jungle with Josuel and it was absolutely amazing! The best price and the best value for your money. It was really impressing to see Josuel inside the jungle, he is like a fish in the water. He has huge knowledge about the life in the jungle and I felt very secure with him. I would recommend him as a guide without a doubt!”

Nir Leinov

13 February 2017

“We spent 3 days in the jungle with Josuel. It was an amazing experience, Josuel is a very hardworking, sympathetic and enthusiastic guide. We had the chance to see a lot of different animals, he introduced us to a local family and we spent a night in the middle of the jungle where we built our own shelter. We would do this tour again, without a doubt!”

    Julie & Jules Jospe

25 April 2017

“He is such a great guy! He hosted me and my brother for several nights at his place, and we could meet many of his brothers. They are all amazing people, and have the true tour guide spirit! Not only will Josuel become your friend in an instant, but he also knows the jungle better than the city he lives in: I've never had a better guide. Ever!

 You will always be having a great time.  I hope we will meet again, Josuel! It's been a great pleasure, cheers!.”

Manu Vilardo

3 January 2017

“Josuel was an excellent guide in the Amazon. He showed us everything he could, such as an anaconda, a tarentula, some caimans and a lot of other animals! It was really very impressive! He explained everything about the plants (as medicine or food), so very interesting! We fished piranhas and ate them the day after, so funny and tasty! I really recommend Josuel as a guide and the Amazon was one of my favourite memories of Brazil!”

Laura Seymus

30 June 2016

“I did not participate in a tour, but spent some time with Josuel at his home in Manaus. I would like to write about how much I am impressed by him as a person: his kindness, his discretion, his calm, his sincerity. He is a really really good person and for me the experience of living with him is, in itself, an unforgettable adventure. If you have the luck to have him as your guide, you will experience both the truly beautiful Amazon landscape as well as a truly nice human being.”

Eric Lucas

13 November 2016

“I had a great stay at Josuel's! His home is well located, he's a fun and smart guy with a good heart and he knows a lot about Manaus and the surroundings. It was a pleasure to talk with him.. He can help you with everything and if you just want a couch, that's also perfectly fine for him. A talented guide, a fun and smart guy... Meet him! Thanks for everything, Josuel!”

Anne Caillet

21 February 2017

“It was great being hosted by Josuel with his amazing jungle skills and more than extraordinary life story. Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to show me around town and of course the jungle!
But just as much credit goes to the rest of the family: thanks Daniel, Alice and Janete for making me feel like a part of the family. The cramped dinners with all the jokes and laughs will be missed!

Oscar Ljunggren

15 October 2016

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