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...a Variety of Unforgettable Amazon Tour Experiences are Awaiting You!

For anyone interested in experiencing the Brazilian Amazon indigenous lifestyle, there are plenty of options to explore this region of the world. Read on to discover the many travel options available at Jaguar Amazon Tours. You can choose from Day Trips, Adventure and Jungle Survival Tours to River Cruises... !

Day Trip

USD 60 per day; maximum 20 people

If you only have a short amount of time available in Manaus and like the idea of spending it exposed to the Amazon indigenous life and interacting with local people, then look no further, because this is the tour for you...

Jaguar Amazon Tours Day Trip
Jaguar Amazon Tours Adventure Tour

Adventure tour

USD 100 per day, maximum 8 people

Looking to experience a great time within the breathtaking scenery of the Amazon? If you are, then this tour is a great travel option for you. From a jungle hike to piranha fishing and caiman-spotting, a great variety of fun activities are awaiting you...

Jungle Survival TOUR

USD 150 per day, maximum 4 people

This tour is for those accustomed to living in hard, tough conditions and environments or seeking such an experience. If you would like to discover the true Amazon indigenous lifestyle as well as further your own survival skills and techniques, I will be your 24/7 personal guide to do this.

Jaguar Amazon Tours Jungle Survival Tour