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Unforgettable Memories on video


Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with a local viewpoint, but not quite sure about travelling to the Amazon just yet?

This website offers great deal of travel information on the Brazilian Amazon for you. Watch the introduction video, check out my videos below and get in touch to let me give you personal advice for your own Amazon indigenous lifestyle experience...

an Introduction to me

FUN For Louis

Worldwide Famous Vlogger #1, Louis Cole visits the Amazon with Josuel Crosa as Guide

In August 2014, I had the great pleasure to host worldwide famous blogger Louis Cole at Jaguar Amazon Tours.

Together, we spent an amazing 4 days discovering the wildlife, lifestyle and culture of Brazilian Amazon indigenous people.

Check out the videos from his YouTube Channel - FUN For LOUIS below to see more of the Amazon, which you too could soon be experiencing yourself...

Sloth Selfie

DAY 1 - Upon reaching the jungle lodge where we had lunch, our group set out for an initial recognition of the area. We spotted a sloth high up in the trees and Louis, Josuel and the boat driver all climbed up to greet him. We swam in the Amazon lake and watched a beautiful sunset before returning to the lodge to have dinner. In the evening we went caiman-spotting.

Bitten by a snake

DAY 2 - In the morning of our second day, we went for a jungle hike and Josuel introduced us to many different medicinal plants and jungle survival techniques. We returned to the lodge for lunch and found a snake hiding between the sandbags!
We spent our afternoon fishing for piranhas and luckily managed to catch some, which we roasted for lunch on the following day.

Eating Piranhas

DAY 3 - On this third day, we visited a local family to learn how people live in the jungle environment. Suddenly, the boat driver found an Anaconda in the water and caught him to show to all. After lunch, we prepared to go in the jungle and set up our shelter in the Amazon forest for the night. 

Slept in the jungle

DAY 4 - After sleeping in the jungle, we went back to the lodge for breakfast and then prepared for a short canoe ride through the flooded forest. Unfortunately, in the afternoon we already had to make our way back to the City of Manaus, but it was definitely a very memorable trip and one all truly enjoyed!

TV Report - Manaus Homestay

Manaus TV Report

TV A Critica in Manaus presented a short news report on the new opportunities for earning extra income in Brazil by renting out local rooms to guests. As part of this report, Josuel was interviewed at his home and presented his accommodation. 

A Long way home

Kim and Liu are from Thailand are experience an amazing trip through the Amazon with Josuel as their guide. The show was hosted on Thai PBS on Saturday, 12 March 2014 at 5.30 pm. Watch it online here!

Amazon Jungle tours

Daniela Dee Kohler's trip through the Amazon in December 2014 can be viewed here. Produced by TonTheater Productions.

Climbing aN Açai tree

This video gives you a short presentation of Josuel's ability to climb up the Açai palm tree and come back down again.

Looking for a tarantula

Josuel shows you were tarantulas live in the Amazon forest.


music on a  tree

Hitting this special tree lets you hear music within the heart of the Amazon.

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