River Cruise


Get the best out of the beauty of the Amazon rain forest by venturing on a river cruise up the Rio Negro!


On board of a regional river boat, you will cruise on the widest sweet water river in the world along more than 300 islands. With our local crew providing both typical Amazonian dishes and sunset cocktails on the upper decks, your Amazon river cruise experience is sure to be an unforgettable one!

All tours are very flexible and will be adjusted according to your individual needs and requirements. All meals will be served on board.


Our journey sets out to explore the different species of monkey, birds, water lilies and other exotic animals and vegetation. Once darkness approaches following a beautiful Amazonian sunset, we will tie the boat up alongside the river to spend the night. Early morning, you will hear birds flying over the jungle chirping and many other exciting jungle sounds. If it does not happen to be raining, you will enjoy an incredible sunrise before having breakfast served on board.

During the day, you will take part in a variety of activities, such as the following:

  • Observing the "Meeting of the Waters" phenomenon

  • Canoeing in a Small River

  • Jungle Hike with Explanation of Medicinal Plants & Introduction to Jungle Survival Techniques

  • Swimming with the Pink River Dolphins

  • Spear-fishing

  • Visiting a Manioc- & Rubber-processing Farm

  • Caimon-spotting & Bird-watching

  • Visiting a local family & Indigenous Tribe

Being on board of a river cruise also provides you with the optimal opportunity to take a dip into the refreshing water whenever you feel like it during your leisure time... !

This tour is perfect for families with children, groups of friends, seniors and all nature enthusiasts.

Typically, this tour lasts from 3 – 10 days with a native English- and Portuguese-speaking guide showing and explaining to you the beauty of the Amazon wildlife throughout your tour. You will be provided with your own cabin, a suite or can choose to sleep in hammocks on the deck.

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Choose from 4 different boat types: 

Barco Shaloom


Length: 24 m

Engine: Mercedes 180HP

3 Cabins for 3 Person, US $ 250*

10 Hammock Spaces, US $ 190*

Barco Andiroba


Length: 17m

Engine: MWM 65HP

3 Cabins for 2 Person, US $ 250*

6 Hammock Spaces, US $ 190*

Barco Camiba


Length: 20m

Engine: MWM 114HP

3 Cabins for 2 Persons, US $ 250*

6 Hammock Spaces, US $ 190*

Barco Souza Queiroz


Length: 24m

Engine: Scania 350HP

4 Suites for 2 Persons, US $ 310*

1 Cabin for 6 Persons, US $ 250*

10 Hammock Spaces, US $ 190*

*Prices are all inclusive and are calculated per person and per day.

Tour Info

US  $ 190; minimum 2 people

This tour offers the opportunity to explore the Amazon in a relaxed and comfortable way. Cruising upstream the Rio Negro to the Anavilhanas Islands, while stopping for many small excursions, allows you to discover the Igapo (flooded forest) and islands within the small tributaries of the river.

Since the river cruise boats are safe and comfortable for all age groups, this tour option is ideal for elderly people as well as families with young children.

Please make sure to book your river cruise at least 15 days in advance! Contact me, if you have any further questions!

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