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My story

Born and raised in the indigenous Amazonas

I was born in the Wapishana tribe

My name is Josuel Crosa and I am the Owner and Founder of Jaguar Amazon Tours. As a member of the Wapishana tribe, I was born and raised within an indigenous territory that stretches across both Brazil and Guyana. I am not only of both Brazilian and Guyanese nationality, but I also learned to speak Portuguese and English, alongside my native Wapishana indigenous tongue, from an early age. 

My local indigenous culture requires me to know how to survive and live in nature and provide daily meals for both myself and my family. As this was the main activity structuring my daily life during my childhood. There was no reason to become exposed to the civilized world. I lived a happy and contented life within the Wapishana tribe.


Working in the gold mines

But at the age of 14, when it was discovered that the Wapishana indigenous territory was rich in gold, my life changed greatly. Many private gold-mine investors located to Roraima, the Northern part of Brazil to provide opportunities to the locals to find gold and thereby earn money.

After years of working hard in the gold mines for years and even got sick with malaria. 

I knew that I would soon need to start looking out for a more healthy and sustainable job instead.

Upon chance, I came across the contact of one of my elder brothers who had found an alternative work opportunity within the Brazilian Amazon forest and had moved to Manaus. His job was to guide international tourists and clients from a diverse range of countries on boat trips across the Amazon Lake. 

I called my brother up and soon found myself traveling to Manaus too.

Finding my calling

This has now been 4 years ago and so far, my work as a tour guide has been an extremely enriching as well as rewarding experience. Meanwhile, my other family members have also ventured to Manaus to share the tour-guiding experience. As multilingual English-, Portuguese- and Wapishana speakers, 

we - Familia Crosa - can effectively communicate with clients from abroad, as well as with the native tribes, and contrast our deep and profound knowledge of life in the jungle to other ways of life in the world. This is not only interesting for our visitors, but also enriches our personal understanding and own appreciation of life in the Brazilian Amazon forest. 

Take a trip to Jaguar Amazon Tours and experience the Amazon indigenous lifestyle yourself!

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