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At 8:30am, we drive down from the centre to the Ceasa Port by car. From there a boat will take us to see one of the World Wonders called the "Meeting of the Waters" – the two rivers which do not mix. I will give you a brief explanation on this phenomenon, before we continue on to our journey. At around 12:00pm and when we reach the jungle lodge, we will have lunch and you will be able to introduce yourself to other guests who have already arrived there. 


This afternoon your first Amazon tour begins. At around 2:30pm, we set out on a boat ride and drive across the wide Amazon landscape for an initial recognition of the area. During this time, it will be possible for me to spot and explain to you the many various animals, such as sloths, monkeys, birds and dolphins, and plants of the Amazon. You can also swim in the river if you wish, but only in those places recommended by me. We may also be able to stop at the local jungle bar, if you wish to do so.


On this first evening, you will have the option to take part in an extra excursion for caiman-spotting where we will go out by boat under the starlight sky to observe the jungle night-life.





         DAY 2 – JUnglE Hike




After breakfast at 7:00am, we will set out for a jungle hike from 8:30am to midday. I will teach you many jungle survival techniques as well as how you could find something to eat in the jungle, how to make animal traps and which plants can be used for a medicinal purpose. For this trip, it is recommended not to wear dark clothing which tends to attract many mosquitoes, but instead to make great use of insect repellent.


In the afternoon, we will take a boat to do piranha fishing. Depending on whether or how many piranhas we manage to catch, we may prepare them for lunch on the following day. We also may have the chance to see a beautiful sunset.

DAY 3 – Visit A local family

Your third day includes a visit to a local family to give you an idea of how local people live in the Amazon. Here I will show you the process of making Farinha and you will also have the possibility to buy some local souvenirs made by the family themselves. You can also try some typical Amazonian fruits, such as cupuaçu, acai and tapereba from their own plantation.


After lunch, we will prepare to go for sleeping in the jungle. In the jungle we will make a fire to roast a chicken/ fish or eggs for dinner and sleep in hammocks. If you wish, I can also make jungle caipirinha for you to give you courage for sleeping. After a long talk and listening to jungle stories at night, it will then be time to sleep.


/ Evening: 


After sleeping in the jungle, our fourth day starts with an early tour at 6:00am to see the sunrise. When we arrive back at the lodge for breakfast, we will then go and learn about the process of making rubber, which brought about Manaus’ initial fame in the early 20th century.


In the afternoon, we will do some canoeing and paddling through the flooded forest. You will also have the possibility to try out some spear-fishing by boat and hopefully provide for a special and memorable meal on your last day.


DAY 5 – Preferred Activity
                & Departure

On your last day, you have the option to choose your preferred activity. Possible options are swimming with the dolphins, visiting an indigenous tribe or an ecological park.

After lunch at around 1:30pm, we will set back on our journey to Manaus where will arrive again at around 4:30 – 5:00pm.



Tour Info

USD 100 per person per day,
maximum 8 people

The jungle lodge which provides accommodation to visitors to the Amazon is located within the heart of the forest. This not only allows local people to receive income opportunities, but also supports the preservation of the natural environment.

All amenities required for overnight stays by guests are provided at the lodge, including all meals, transportation and accommodation as well as first aid kits in emergency cases.

Please also check further information under FAQ & Additional Info on this website!

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